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IT Infrastructure Services: Addressing Your Business Challenges

Today, we live in a rapidly changing business world.

Is your IT infrastructure hindering or helping your business to grow?

See how we help businesses to reduce costs yet stay agile for business expansion.

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IT Infrastructure

How Lunfa Tech can help?

Lunfa tech assist your company’s CIO with planning, designing, and optimizing its IT infrastructure, so he or she can concentrate on implementing and developing the company’s IT strategy. We can help you with planning and designing your on-premise IT infrastructure, cloud migration, and disaster prevention.


Scope of Our IT infrastructure Services

  • Analysis of existing IT infrastructure components
  • Identifying problems with IT infrastructure and formulating a mitigation strategy.
  • Establishing improvements to IT infrastructure for efficiency and stability. 
  • Implementing or designing new infrastructure components (including the cloud).
  • Implementing new technologies in the IT infrastructure or migrating it to the cloud.
  • Setup of IT infrastructure for your business operations
  • We plan and design a unique solution based on your budget, organization size, capabilities, and growth projection so as to optimize business impact. 
    • We help you build, deploy, and configure your scalable infrastructure so that your business can adapt quickly in the ever-changing business climate.
  • Network Design and Implementation
    • Assist to setup routers, load balancers, firewalls & Infrastructure Security (sensitive ports) 
    • Analyzing the performance and security of network infrastructure to identify areas for improvement. 
    • Network design recommendations to propose a tailored mix of upgrades and refinements and chart the ideal network architecture for your company. 
  • Data centers and servers
    • Shall assist to perform data migration.
    • For clients wanting to move to virtual server environment, we will assist with design, migration, and setup of cloud infrastructure.
Commitment to Clients
Customized Solutions

Value to You

~ Increase productivity and efficiency of your IT team

~ Reduced IT costs and flexibility to optimize investments in your IT infrastructure 

~ Maximize Your Revenue

~ Strengthen your network and give your business a competitive advantage

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