When Disaster Strikes, The Time To Prepare Has Passed

Server downtime caused by natural disasters or human errors can be extremely costly. It results in lost business opportunities and wasted labor – and can cost you more.

Don’t let one disaster lead to another.

Let us help you put in place a process to reduce your business risks and costs in the event of a disaster.

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Disaster Prevention

How Lunfa Tech can help?

In the event of an unexpected disaster, how confident would you be that your business would not be negatively affected?

Having a disaster recovery plan in place can make the difference between continuing on or closing down your business in the case of a natural or technology disaster. This is where Lunfa Tech can work together with you.


Scope of Our Disaster Prevention Planning Services

  • Provides consultancy for disaster recovery planning and works with you to build tailored recovery plans for your business.
  • Preventative measures that reduce the risk of a man-made disaster taking place. 
  • Detective measures aimed at identifying unwanted events quickly.
  • Corrective measures that restore lost data and allow for business processes to resume in the aftermath of a disaster.
  • We will support you throughout the whole process in helping you to re-setup your IT infrastructure in the event of any disaster which can disrupts your business.
  • We will help streamline the transition from existing IT systems before the disaster, to newly adopted processes and methods that help prevent future disasters.
Commitment to Clients
Customized Solutions

Benefit to You

  • Mitigate business risk before a disaster/crisis
  • Optimize your business resiliency and mitigate risk quickly
  • Ensure that critical business processes and services can be available
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Value to You

  • Help maintain employee productivity and your business’s ability to generate revenue.
  • Preserve your company’s reputation with customers and partners.
  • Prevent your company from losing business to your competitors.
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We can help with your Disaster Prevention Planning!

Reach out to our team if you would like to know how to build or enhance your Disaster Prevention Planning and speed up its modernization.